Welcome back

IDRC would like to welcome all it’s members and guests back for the 2015 season. We trust that all have enjoyed the very best of the festive season and are feeling reinvigorated for an action packed year. Over the break our website has received a great deal of traffic, almost double our previous average. This is a good indication of the interest out there and of the potential growth for our club in this coming year. If you are waiting in the wings pondering whether to have a crack at Fullbore we implore you, get in contact with us and make a time to visit by emailing idrc@live.com.au. It really is the best sport in the world!

Already there has been plenty happening to start 2015 for IDRC. This year’s club calendar has been uploaded, please peruse it and see what’s coming up in the year ahead (http://ipswichrifle.qldrifle.com/calendar-events/). The next significant club event will be our first Safety course for the year. It is coming up on Sunday the 15th of February. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating please check out the website for booking details (http://ipswichrifle.qldrifle.com/safety-courses/). C

lub members have already met for the first competition round of the season which was held on January 31st. Unfortunately inclement weather forced a first round wash out. The wet season also put the kybosh on an organised working bee in the previous week. Hopefully this wet start hasn’t put a dampener on your spirits and we see you all happy and healthy at the range soon.

All the Best,