Bundaberg – Burnett RC OPM

The Bundaberg – Burnett RC OPM got underway today.

Well done to all who travelled North from SE QLD. You made the right decision.
It was freezing out here this morning in SEQ.

Photo evidence gave us an insight to a hearty competition breakfast on the range to prepare for the day’s events.

Conditions were perfect at the start of the day, a little bit fickle in the middle with a slower change in the afternoon. Results at the first 500y were very close indeed for all classes. The fickle wind either side of midday separated the field a bit and they closed in again at the end of the afternoon with some excellent scores all round.

It would be fair to say that this is another of the tightest optical fields we have seen contested. Whilst there were 7 FS-A competitors, they were being chased by no less than 15 FS-B members. F-Open was stacked with another surfeit of 15 contenders, including Brian Hansen from Ipswich & District who snared a third on the first and a second on the fourth. Well done Brian.

F-TR was well represented by familiar names with the SEQ reps giving the locals a tough contest.

It is possible that they might only have been separated by afternoon tea by their affection of fresh prawns on ice. I’d be happy to take that particular test.

Results link

The forecast for tomorrow is for different conditions for day two on the Bundaberg Range.

Best of luck for tomorrow to those with their eyes on the prize.