IDRC members socialising

IDRC members socialising

Ipswich and District Rifle Club has a long and proud history which spans in excess of 150 years. We cater for participants of the long range full bore disciplines. In doing so we endeavor to provide a fun and safe atmosphere with quality facilities and supportive members.

To become a member and part of this wonderful institution all you need to do is follow these few simple steps.

  • First ensure you are eligible to possess and use a firearm you can do this by taking our online course.
  • Check out our FAQ’s
  • next organise a time to come along and try target shooting. It’s important to make sure Long range fullbore is for you. do this by emailing us at
  • finally complete and return a membership form and pay your affordable membership fee.
Annual Fee



 Pro-rata Fee

January – July


Adult Membership $175  $95
Junior Membership $95  $50
All membership is up for renewal at the end of financial year (June 30)

So, ‘what do I get for my money?’ – Joining a rifle club like ours will satisfy and maintain your ‘genuine reason’ to possess a firearm as mandated by state law. Once you are a member and  begin to participate in club activities you will experience the ‘mateship’ and comradery which our club has to offer.  You will also begin to enjoy the spoils of the challenging and rewarding sport which is Full bore target shooting.

When you Join our club you will also receive;

  • Automatic Membership to the QRA.
  • Eligibility to compete at all QRA affiliated club Prize Meetings and State and National Championships (with reciprocal rights Australia wide).
  • Automatic Membership to the NRAA. (including bi-monthly ‘Australian Target Rifle’ online magazine )
  • Automatic Insurance coverage for approved activities whilst on any NRAA range (Australia Wide).
  • Automatic entry in IDRC’s Club Championships and Handicap Prize rounds.
  • Reduced weekly range fees (a saving of more than $100 throughout the year).
  • Access to the range and club facilities over weekly competitions (45 weeks approx.)
  • Eligibility for Ipswich, District, State and National Team Selection.

Contact a Club Official today to arrange your membership forms and obtain further information on the payment of your annual members fee.

Alternatively you may wish to make a booking to attend the range, learn more about the sport and membership to the club.