Optical Class

“From those in their prime shooting years seeking to stretch the envelope of their prone shooting performance, to those older shooters who, scorning F Class, must battle ever worsening sighting problems in target rifle (TR), Optical Class offers all of those shooters something that can be found in no other shooting discipline” (Quote from Simply Shooting Australian Target Rifle Issue No 95 Nov/Dec 2011).

Optical Class combines all the challenges of the other classes of prone position target shooting.

Ipswich and District Rifle Club Conducts Optical Class as a stand alone class.  The rules for Optical Class are detailed in chapter 15 of the Standard Shooting Rules of the National Rifle Association of Australia Ltd.

Rifles used are .308 Winchester or .223 Remington (7.62mm and 5.56mm NATO) using telescopic sights.  Ammunition and components are regulated and no artificial support other than a sling is permitted.  The weight of the rifle shall not exceed 7.0kg with all attachments excluding the sling.