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Sunday saw 5 Ipswich Club members travel to the Gatton Glenore Grove Rifle Club Prize Meeting with all competing very well picking up Range Medals & Aggregate Badges – in Target Rifle C Grade – David Nicol 1st C Grade, Tim Boase 3rd C Grade, Lester Robinson 4th C Grade – F Standard B Grade – Brian Hansen 2nd, Ivor Davidson 5th. Full results can be found on the NRAA website by opening the following address

GGGRC 2019 Results

Successful Come and Try!

Saturday morning saw the Club hold a very successful ‘Come and Try’ event. Ipswich’s Ripley Range held host to 19 eager new comers to long range target shooting. Anticipation was high with members arriving from around 7am to prepare for the event. By around 8.15am the first participants began to arrive at the clubhouse and were signed and presented with their information packs ready for the days activities. By 9am the group headed down to the 6oom range and were champing at the bit to fire their first slug. All shooters were crowing with excitement throughout the morning. Even blustery conditions were not enough to put a dampener on the day. At the conclusion of their course of fire the new-comers congregated at the club house to enjoy the hospitality of club members with a sausage sizzle and a cold drink before heading home with glistening grins and chipper tales of the wonderful morning they had experienced.

IDRC would like to extend special thanks to Ipswich City Council for their grant support and of course the success of the day could not have been such without the volunteers who made it so. All your help, from coaching to cooking and everything in between (even a smile in the direction of an anxious visitor)  was outstanding. It is ventures like these that make the mettle of the Ipswich and District Rifle Club gleam – what a great institution to be a part!

Crows Nest-Goombungee OPM

The Crows Nest Goombungee Open Prize Meet was pleasingly well attended, having 12 to 13 competitors per board across the six targets.

The Bill Dukes Range upheld it’s tricky reputation. The field was presented with a wind that would not behave, rising up to 4 minutes from the East, suddenly dropping off and even turning back on itself. It was an exciting and educational day for the wind reader.

A couple of wind-induced target repairs resulted in the final stage held at the 600y for timeliness.

Four IDRC members made the trip up the range to mix it up

Congratulations to Lester Robinson on the Aggregate win.
Ivor and Brian acquitted themselves very respectably in the F/Std field.


David N.

Palma Match World Champs

51861000_10157163802298023_1045174965722152960_nCongratulations to the Australian Palma team who took gold in a dominant display of marksmanship at the long range world championships at Trentham yesterday. This was the third time in the events history that Australia had taken the accolade with the last time being in 1988. Special mention must be made of Ipswich club member Rob Rush who was the top ranked wind coach and Lee Robinson of Beaudesert who was the third ranked shooter in the event.

2019 World Long Range Championships

LRWC 2019 LogoExciting times for Australian Fullbore with the team’s dominating performance at the world long range championship in NZ. We watch with baited breath to see the results of the Palma Match in final day of competition. Go Aussies!



Click the link below for live view of the range and weather conditions

Trentham Weather

see the link below for live scores.